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Location:  Las Vegas, NV.
Birthday:  8 July, 1920
Bio:  The artistic history of Ixela Gutierrez consists more than 25 years of preparation and dancing experience in Mexico as well as the United States. Her solid career as well as her artistic experience inspire the members of Mexico Vivo to find, through the discipline of dance, the capability of becoming true dancing professionals. She began her career at a very young age. Gutierrez studied under the direction of some of the most renowned and distinguished instructors of Mexico City. She studied at the INBA (The National Institute of Fine Arts) as well as in Amalia Hernandez famous Folkloric Ballet of Mexico, she accomplished a soloist dance career with The National Folkloric Ballet of Mexico under the direction of Silvia Lozano. Amidst her professional artistic experiences are also her special performance and creation of her own productions to diverse and important companies as well as her participation in radio and television. Gutierrez?s has taken her art to many diverse countries and continents and has a great appreciation and respect for other cultures. Ixela Gutierrez through her choreographies and productions gives a respectable tribute to these distinct and fascinating places.
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